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Thantara Resort Chiang Mai "Sense of Spiritual Reconnection"


The origin of Thantara is mixing between 2 words; “THAN” and “TARA


THAN” is representative of grain which mean in Thai; The origin of life since Thais main foundation is related to “Agriculture” and it is also basic necessity of having life.


TARA” when arriving here – we have large and deep water-well, Water wells mean irrigation, irrigation means cultivation.


“An imaginary place where there is more than enough of everything” is what we want all guest feel when first say hello and last for say goodbye.

Within Thantara – we have only room type called “SANCTUARY VILLA”, the design is refection of Lanna with contemporary spectrum, mostly had built from “TEAK”.

is designing based on both emotional and functional but the major care is Guest’s experience, villa has truly split into 4 main zones;


Within resort area, there is an ancient Lanna temple that has been established over a centuries name “Wat Thammachai”, surrounding with White Plumeria (Flower of Thailand).

Dine & Drink

Thann Restaurant – Here is referring to “Than”tara which has double meaning are Having meal and stream

Wedding & Event

This is the perfect place to arrange Lanna ceremony and any of Wedding Celebration, an appropriate space will give a privacy and exclusive arrangement.