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Thantara Resort Chiang Mai "Sense of Spiritual Reconnection"

Thantara Resort Chiang Mai

also draws from these essential elements, as does the inspiration behind its name.


‘Than’ is the Thai word for grain, in this case reflected in the sea of lush green organic rice grown in and around the resort.


‘Tara’ translates to water, which is drawn from Thantara’s natural deep well and feeds the many lakes and streams wending their way round the resort. The well water is then drawn upon for the cultivation of rice on the resort grounds.



88 SQM. (inclusive of terrace)

Twenty-one lavishly spacious villas designed for pampered living and the sheer privilege of indulgence, offer magnificent views of the resort’s lush green paddy fields, gently dancing in the soft breeze.


Thantara believes in the importance of harmony and balance. Our guests are invited to explore, learn about, or even join in cultural and environmental activities. Or if it’s a true escape that is needed, they can rest assured that the resort’s philosophy will ensure that environmentally- and culturally- friendly practices are observed, while guests can indulge in the beauty of the setting and the attention of the service.

Dine & Drink

Thantara’s commitment to these nourishing sources of life runs through its resort philosophy. The resort’s kitchens serve up delicious seasonal organic fare grown in Thantara’s gardens where fruits, edible flowers and vegetables are lovingly nurtured. Products and goods are purchased, when possible, from local communities, known for their craftsmanship and from where many of the resort’s furnishings and decorative items are made.

Wedding & Event

Whatever the occasion, from private parties to romantic weddings, Thantara Resort will provide the perfect venue with countless service so that you can relief and enjoy the moment.