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The Entrance

Guests begin their journey into the haven that is Thantara by being picked up in one of the resort’s electronic open-aired personal buggies. 


Leave the world behind as the buggy meanders past the resort’s flourishing organic garden and fruit farm towards a herd of horses featured in a collection of sculptures which symbolize the Chinese belief in success and swift nimbleness. The symbolism continues at the roundabout which circles a large elegant elephant named Plai Kwan Khao, standing tall in greeting to all guests. Once in the heart of the resort, guests will cross a shallow ford which separates two bodies of water, before arriving at the private villa.

Resort Lobby

Standing at the heart of the resort is a spectacular centerpiece – the lobby and fine dining restaurant.


Inspired by the Kantoke, a traditional wooden tray table around which the people of the north used to dine, the lobby is a three-story circular building topped with an exquisitely designed spire roof in the classical Siamese Benjarong style.


Day or night, guests can ascend the lift to the fine dining European restaurant which sits atop the lobby and which is wrapped by a circular balcony offering panoramic 360 degree views of the resort, surrounding villages and paddy fields which appear to lead right up to the distant mountains beyond.


Stretching out in front of the lobby is the Thara Kiri multi-purpose yard which offers breathtaking views across the gently rippling lake which stretches out towards the resort’s signature rice fields.


The Rinn Bar serves signature cocktails and fine Selection of Drinks on the yard’s deck for guests to take in the spectacular sunsets and glimmering evening lights.




“Where Water Becomes Wellness”


In the heart of Thantara Resort Chiang Mai, nestled amidst the serene beauty of Northern Thailand, we present to you relaxation. The very name ‘Tara,’ meaning water in Thai, encapsulates our philosophy. Water, the vital element of life, flows through the essence of our spa, bringing healing to your soul and tranquility to your mind.


We believe in the profound healing powers of water – a universal source of rejuvenation. We have harnessed this timeless element to create a sanctuary that goes beyond relaxation; it is a journey to reconnect with your inner self.

Our Commitment to Organic Healing


We recognize the importance of purity and sustainability in nurturing your body and spirit. Every spa therapy is meticulously crafted using handpicked organic ingredients, ensuring a harmonious balance between nature and indulgence.


Signature Experience: Jasmine Rice

As our resort is home to our very own organic rice fields, it’s only fitting that our signature treatment celebrates the Jasmine Rice, an ancient Thai symbol of beauty and grace. Allow us to transport you to the heart of our lush fields, where the spirit of Thailand’s agricultural tradition merges seamlessly with modern spa luxury.


Relax and Reconnect

In a world filled with constant distractions, We offers you a haven of tranquility. Here, you can let go of your cares, rediscover your inner peace, and rediscover the spiritual essence that resides within. As part of the Thantara Resort Chiang Mai family, our commitment to your spiritual reconnection resonates deeply in every treatment, every touch, and every moment.

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