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The origin of Thantara is mixing between 2 words; “THAN” and “TARA

THAN” is representative of grain which mean in Thai; The origin of life since Thais main foundation is related to “Agriculture” and it is also basic necessity of having life. We do have a panoramic view from “Real Organic Rice Field” that is not just only view but also in the same time we turn a million paddy to become a quality product delivering to market and consumer with the belief – we all should have right to “Eat well Live well”.

TARA” when arriving here – we have large and deep water-well, Water wells mean irrigation, irrigation means cultivation. Furthermore, we do attempt to serve our guest with all “Organic product” especially Edible ingredients such Organic Farming, Organic Fruit Farm and Edible Flower and coming for more.


Our vision is truly belief in bringing back to living life with no any harm to anyone

Our Resort area plus Organic Rice field total is 60 Rai; half of total area is dedicating to build a natural space filling with a thousand of tress and Organic Rice Field 20 Rai to let your body, mind and soul resting and recharging.


Thailand is the land of milk and honey – Our inspiration was beginning from the attention of enchanting Thai agriculture and then we built from empty land to natural ridge since 2014 with the belief to stay even closer to natural – all our processes is friendly to environment.


we do truly commit to enhance quality of life in all perspective; starting with environment, Support Local Community, bring back Local way of life for example, mostly of our operating stuffs are choosing based on Local production.


the balancing of Human living and ecosystem; natural ecosystems can continue to support life and provide resources to meet the needs of the present and future generations. Our Food and Supply operations are considering rely on seasonal and local produce, and staff members as well as guests are encouraged to learn about and engage in environment-friendly practices. Alongside, we do produce our fertilizer from leaf fragments and so on.

Our People

We do invest and give this a priority to them as being a part of us, we attempt to encouraging them to live a life balancing between US and Natural from direct experience that they will get from here as well as employee’s skill is one of a key that we have never stop to push and train them to be a better person from yesterday to live a life fruitfully.